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Self-drive in Latin America

Is there anything better than complete freedom? We have put together packages that include car rental, which gives you the freedom to drive wherever you please and to take a holiday all at your own tempo. Cruise through the streets of Havana or make a stop at the foot of the dormant volcano, Chato, in Costa Rica and see the magnificent scenery that encompasses the volcano. The possibilities are endless when you are on self-drive holidays in Latin America.

Popular small group tours to Self-drive in Latin America

Cuba, self-drive holiday

Explore Cuba’s sights for yourself. Experience Havana, the beautiful Viñales Valley, the welcoming city of Trinidad and Ancón.

15d/13n, including flights

Costa Rica self-drive holiday

Experience Costa Rica’s highlights at your own pace: the fascinating nature, wildlife, volcanoes combined with a relaxing beach holiday.

15d/13n, including flights

Costa Rica self-drive holiday incl. Manuel Antonio National Park

Experience the lush countryside, magical landscapes and fantastic wildlife of Costa Rica on this self-drive holiday.

15d/13n, including flights

Car rental included in our self-drive trips to Latin America

Does taking a bus not sit well with you when travelling on holiday? Then, you can choose one of our travel packages that include car rental. This gives you the opportunity to choose what speed you want to drive at and whether or not there should be any stops on the way from and to selected excursions.


For example, you can take it slow while driving along the seaside to reach Guardalavaca beach in Cuba. Here, you can then enjoy a relaxing day in the chalk-white sands overlooking the stunning turquoise sea.
You can also choose to cruise through the streets of Havana, stopping at a small Cuban Café where a must-do culinary experience in Cuba is to taste a “Langosta”, which is the Cuban lobster. You can have it cooked in all different ways, such as grilled, enchilada-style or with béchamel sauce, and it is relatively cheap compared to prices in Denmark and Europe. The same is true for the crab claws.

Costa Rica

We also offer self-drive trips to Costa Rica. Here you can drive to the northwest part of the Arenal Volcano National Park, among other things, where there is a good chance of seeing colourful birds, reptiles and monkeys or you can drive to the famous waterfall, La Catarata de la Fortuna, which is located near the foot of the dormant volcano Chato.