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10 Mexican dishes you must try
Most people are familiar with Mexican cuisine, and Mexican specialities are found all over the world. Nevertheless, it’s different eating Mexican food under Mexican skies! You can read about ten Mexican dishes below, seven of which are typical savoury specialities and three are desserts. Seven traditional Mexican dishes A lot of herbs, spices and chilli [...]
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Easter in Latin America
Easter is a really important event in many Latin American countries. The vast majority of the population are Catholics, and the celebration of Easter week, which symbolises the death and resurrection of Christ, is therefore very important in this part of the world. The religious festival at Easter is actually the most important festival of [...]
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Animals in Costa Rica
Monkeys, tapirs, sea turtles, sloths and toucans. These are just some of the animals you can see on a tour to the Central American country, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species of plants and animals. Costa Rica has a multitude of animal species and living organisms in general. In fact, [...]
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Inca Trail
When is the best time to visit Peru?
A tour to Peru has something to suit all tastes – whether you’re into lush rainforests and other picturesque scenery, indigenous markets or beautiful Inca ruins. But when is the best time to visit the scenic South American country? You can visit Peru at any time of the year, but some periods are better than [...]
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Beach in Brazil-featured
Travelling with children to Latin America
Considering travelling with the children far away from the safety net of the UK, but can’t quite cope with the idea? What is the perfect destination for the whole family? How do you find something you all want to do? Read here and get seven tips on travelling with children as well as three suggestions [...]
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