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Easter getaways to Latin America

30 January, 2020
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Costa Rica1

Experience adventure-filled, cultural and impressive Latin America on your Easter holiday.

The Latin American countries offer seductive tango and samba rhythms, fascinating nature, impressive wildlife, diverse culture, welcoming people and an exciting history.

Read more below about some of the best Easter destinations in Latin America.

Latin American Easter destinations

Easter falls on a different date every year but always either at the end of March or during April.

In many Latin American countries, Easter falls in a middle season – in the period between a rainy season and a dry season. The change from one season to another is also known as the “shoulder season”.

As the majority of Latin Americans are Catholics, Easter is a very special time of the year, which is celebrated with pomp and circumstance. This gives rise to many festive and unique cultural experiences.

Costa Rica – breathtaking wildlife and stunning scenery

Costa Rica

Easter time is one of the best and most attractive times to visit wonderful Costa Rica.

Easter falls during the latter part of Costa Rica’s dry season, which runs from December to April. This means many hours of sunshine, lovely, warm temperatures and very little rain. So, you can look forward to a tropical Easter holiday in beautiful Costa Rica.

Enjoy, among other things, exploring majestic volcanoes and mysterious cloud forests, hiking in magnificent national parks, meeting colourful wildlife and not least being captivated by the most stunning scenery in Costa Rica’s lush rainforest. Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as you will soon see when you visit this exciting country.

If you wish to enjoy a truly unique, cultural Easter experience, you can experience some of the Costa Ricans’ special Easter traditions. One of these is the culinary tradition where fish and seafood are wrapped in the delicious tamal mudo dough. You can also look forward to witnessing a large, colourful Easter procession.

If you fancy ending your Easter tour on a beautiful sandy beach with swaying palm trees and azure sea, Costa Rica has that, too. The long sandy beaches are made for relaxation, sunbathing and a lovely dip in the fabulous water. Unwind and enjoy your Easter holiday in beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy a magnificent Easter holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Spend Easter in Costa Rica:

Cuba – colourful cities and paradise beaches


Spend your Easter holiday in exotic Cuba and enjoy a wonderful tour you’ll never forget.

Ahead of you await the most wonderful Caribbean atmosphere with joyful salsa rhythms, colourful houses, the characteristic old American cars, hospitable Cubans, colonial buildings, a fascinating history and much, much more besides.

During the Easter period, Cuba offers many hours of sunshine and very little rain. You will be visiting the charming island right at the end of the dry season, which falls between November and April. The good weather in March and April makes Cuba a fantastic destination.

Discover Cuba’s unique history right up close and visit the iconic colonial buildings as well as many other exciting, historical relics of the Spanish colonial era.

On your Easter tour to Cuba, the charming, vibrant capital of Havana is a must-see. Discover the atmospheric street life filled with music and dance and the many large squares lined with colonial buildings. Havana is a city of contrasts, and that is precisely what makes Havana such an interesting place to explore.

Cuba also offers scenic nature experiences and beautiful, exotic beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the heat in tropical, beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Look forward to a unique Easter holiday in enchanting and historic Cuba.

Spend Easter in Cuba:

Mexico – a wonderful combination of it all


Sun, heat, beautiful scenery, exotic beaches, exciting food and diverse culture – Mexico has it all.

Mexico is a versatile country that has something for everyone, offering you every opportunity to enjoy a wonderful and memorable Easter holiday.

Over Easter, Mexico offers warm, pleasant weather with plenty of sunshine and very little rain.

Easter falls during Mexico’s dry season, which runs from November to April. The beautiful weather makes this time of year one of the best and most popular times to visit Mexico.

Go on a captivating and worthwhile guided tour of the diverse Mexico City – Mexico’s capital and one of the world’s largest cities.

Mexico City offers impressive buildings, exciting museums and a wealth of cultural experiences. You may also be lucky enough to witness a beautiful, colourful procession in the streets, which is one of the many festive Mexican traditions at Easter. Easter is a very special time of year for Catholic Mexicans, so you can look forward to some unique Easter experiences.

In addition to the fascinating metropolis, you can also look forward to experiencing Mexico’s impressive Mayan ruins. In Palenque, one of the largest cities of the Mayan people, you can be blown away by beautiful Mayan ruins, great temples and ancient hieroglyphs.

Whether your Easter holiday in Mexico is to be spent on impressive nature experiences, historical exploration, diverse dining experiences or pure relaxation on an exotic beach, Mexico has it all.

Spend Easter in Mexico:

Ecuador and Galapagos – an out-of-this-world experience

Ecuador - Galapagos

Look forward to visiting Ecuador and the scenic Galapagos Islands on your Easter tour.

Enjoy an out-of-this-world experience, with fascinating nature, exciting culture and truly unique wildlife ahead of you.

You will experience the country and the islands during the rainy season, which is the most popular time to visit. The weather is hot, and the sea temperatures are warm. In April, the rain begins to subside, marking the end of the rainy season.

Ecuador offers a multitude of experiences. Explore, among other things, Ecuador’s impressive scenery with high mountains, dramatic volcanoes and green crater lakes, and get right up close to the country’s fascinating colonial history.

As in many other Latin American countries, Easter is a very traditional time in Ecuador. A variety of religious events take place everywhere, and you can look forward to experiencing beautiful ceremonies and colourful Easter processions.

And it’s not so strange that many animal lovers love the Galapagos Islands. Amazing wildlife abounds wherever you look. On your Easter tour you can, among other things, get right up close to the huge Galapagos tortoises, and sea lions, sea iguanas, land iguanas, reef sharks, sea turtles and flamingos are just some of the other animals you may be lucky enough to encounter.

During Easter, you are in with a chance of seeing some of the green sea turtles’ eggs hatching. You might even see sea iguanas building their nests. The eggs of the land iguanas begin to hatch on the largest Galapagos island, Isabela.

An exciting and adventure-filled Easter holiday awaits in beautiful Ecuador and Galapagos.

Spend Easter in Ecuador:

Argentina – genuine Argentine atmosphere


Argentina is a wonderful year-round destination, and Easter is no exception.

During Easter, the temperatures are pleasant, and the weather is typically good. But as Argentina is such an elongated country, there may be big differences depending on where you travel to.

On your Easter tour to Argentina, you can look forward to a whole host of enchanting and memorable experiences.

The scenery is beautiful and impressive, featuring the majestic Andes, unique flora and fauna, and not least one of the world’s largest waterfalls named Iguazú. If you’re a nature lover, Argentina is a wonderful travel destination where you can look forward to breathtaking experiences during your Easter holiday.

Colourful, cultural experiences in Buenos Aires with authentic Argentinian tango shows and live music, fun-loving people and beautiful Spanish heritage are just some of the experiences also waiting to be explored on your Easter tour in this wonderful, versatile country.

The majority of Argentinians are Catholics, so Easter is a very special time for them. Easter is a time of celebrations, mass and traditional events. Argentinian families and friends gather to eat very special Easter menus. They round off the festivities by giving chocolate Easter eggs to each other.

Look forward to a memorable Easter holiday in exciting Argentina.

Spend Easter in Argentina:

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