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Travel to Cuba and visit the most important coastal city in Latin America from the colonial era. The town itself is characterised by many years of challenges with regard to population and foreigners as well as the communist regime. Nonetheless, the city’s charming streets, colourful cars and people provide a quite unique vibe that MUST be experienced.

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When travelling to Cuba, you can look forward to a visit to Havana, the Cuban capital. The city was founded back in 1515 on the island’s south coast and was first called by the name, La Habana, however, in 1519 it was then relocated to its current location on the northwest side of the island, partly due to the climate, and given the name Havana (it is still called La Habana in Spanish).

In 1607, Cuba was a Spanish colony and not only was Havana originally a trading venue and the capital of the island, it was also the main port of the Spanish colonies in the so-called “New World”.

The city has many charming areas, especially the older district of La Habana Vieja, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spanish heritage and colonial architecture is imprinted everywhere in Havana. This can be seen in all of the streets that are home to beautiful palaces, old historic buildings as well as sculptures and monuments from both ancient and modern times.

Today, there are 2.2 million inhabitants in Havana.
When visiting Havana one should not miss out on the 5 classics!

Salsa, mojitos, old American cars, cigars and Cuba’s fascinating history

Salsa music pulsates through the very blood of Cubans who are always ready to dance anytime, anywhere. Even on weekdays in the Cuban capital one can hear salsa music and see dances in bars or restaurants, in private gatherings or even happening spontaneously on the streets. The Cubans are open people who like to invite tourists into the dance circle.

The mojito comes from Cuba, specifically at La Bodeguita del Medio bar in Havana. More than 50 years ago, there came the idea to mix rum, mint, sugar and carbonated water in order to achieve the perfect combination, which today gives us the refreshing drink known as mojito.

When out and about in Cuba, especially in the capital, one can’t help but to notice the beautiful old American cars driving on the streets. In the 40’s and 50 Cuba was a major importer of cars from the USA, but in the early 60s, the US imposed an export ban to Cuba which ceased all trade between countries. This has left the Cubans living in some sort of time warp, so to speak, where they have taken excellent care of the cars which have been repaired and maintained with everything ranging from steel wires to beer cans.
Cuba is famous for its cigars of which the tobacco has been grown in the country with the perfect combination of sun and rain and good soil conditions for hundreds of years.

When visiting Havana, it may be advantageous to pay a visit to the revolution museum. Here you will learn both about the revolution which liberated the Cubans for Batista in 1959, as well as about those who were behind the revolution, particularly Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The museum is located in the palace, as in where the country’s presidents resided from 1920-1959. At the entrance there are bullet holes in the marble, dating back to when Batista fell from power.

Cuba’s Tourist Attractions

When travelling to Cuba, it is easy to be captivated by and to soak up everything from the culture to the environment or even right back down to the smiling, warm people. Cuba offers cultural cities, the most beautiful sandy beaches as well as agriculture.
Among the highlights, Varadero can be mentioned as being known as Cuba’s largest holiday paradise, also, Viñales valley where beautiful natural experiences await you, as well as Trinidad which is Cuba’s largest sugar region.


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