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Latin America

Do you like tropical rainforests, jungles filled with exotic wildlife and plants, gigantic glaciers, world-class waterfalls, volcanoes, Indian culture and impressive ruin complexes? If so, then you should consider a trip to Latin America!

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Latin America has it all!

Travel with us to Latin America and see just how the Spanish colonial era has left its mark on many of the countries, causing them to share some similarities, while at the same time they are quite different. Latin America offers exceptionally unique nature experiences, world-class wildlife and impressive ruin complexes from indigenous Indian cultures.

In Latin America, you can experience a wealth of natural phenomena.

Go on a tour in the Andes mountains and be blown away by the indescribable view! From here, one of the world’s longest rivers originates, the Amazon River, which winds 6,500 km across the South American continent, not to mention that it snakes its way through the Amazon, – the world’s largest rainforest.

Explore the rainforest in Brazil or Peru. It covers approx. 5,500,000 km² of lush jungle plants and huge rivers that are abundant with wildlife, including colorful birds that fill its treetops, beautiful butterflies and not to mention, exotic monkeys.

You can also visit the world’s largest waterfalls, Iguazu, with 275 falls; for example, go to Costa Rica and get up close to volcanoes and their craters, or fly to Argentina and discover the enormous glaciers, sea lions and seals etc.
Additionally, pulsating salsa rhythms, music and tango are danced by the majority of the population groups. The restaurants feature cuisines from virtually all around the world; over the years, many colonists and past travelers have visited or settled in Latin America and have, therefore, influenced the gastronomy.

In Mexico, you can go out on an Inca trekking and follow the Mayan footsteps. Like this, you will get a chance to experience the fascinating ruins and relics of the past, back in a time when the Indians flourished in South America.

So, don’t you miss a trip to Latin America and get ready for a multitude of experiences that you will never forget.



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