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The Iguazu Falls

Do you dream of a trip to Latin America? And are you fascinated by the extreme forces of nature? Then travel to Argentina or Brazil and experience the Iguazu Falls first-hand! Don’t cheat yourself out of the chance to see these vast waterfalls, which are located in the Brazilian Iguaçu National Park and the Argentinean Iguazú National Park.

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The Iguazu Falls

No vacation to Argentina or Brazil is complete without a stop at the Iguazu Falls! They are the largest waterfalls in the world and comprise 275 large and small waterfalls along a 2-7 km-long stretch of the Iguazu River. They are also included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
The enormous force of the flow of water in such extreme amounts is enough to take anyone’s breath away! When you arrive at the falls, you walk out onto the footbridges, where the unforgettable sight of the waterfalls is offered both from above and below. As one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in South America, every traveler should have this on their list! In particular the site’s main attraction, Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) shows just how extreme the force of nature can be.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the falls is between October and May. The falls are less impressive between June and September, when it is winter in Argentina/Brazil, which means less water in the area’s rivers and thus less volume in the waterfalls.

Pack your camera and your raincoat and get ready for an experience you’re unlikely to forget!


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