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Travel to Buenos Aires

Do you dream about experiencing Latin America’s passionate people, the tango’s sensual vibe, global cuisine with food from all over the world? Then try a trip to Argentina and visit the capital Buenos Aires. Here you can easily fall in love with the city’s many gems and spend many hours wandering along the city’s interesting streets.

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Discover Buenos Aires’ cultural vibes

Experiencing Buenos Aires is a MUST when visiting Argentina! This large city has a population of over 15 million, if the city’s provinces are counted in. It was founded in the early 1500s and is one of Argentina’s oldest cities.

It is up to and including, one of South America’s most attractive cultural cities. The city is home to more than 43 theaters, 22 museums and countless cafe’s, restaurants and concerts, so there is much to discover when you find yourself in the capital. At the very least, the dining experiences, as the restaurants are derived from cuisines from almost all over the world.
Do you want to try a local dish? You can, for example, throw yourself into a baby beef grill (sirloin) or empanadas (pies), offered in a variety of colorful and lively restaurants in Buenos Aires. This is highly recommended, especially because beef is the national dish of Argentina and virtually the entire animal is used for specialties there.

While on your trip, do not forget that you have found yourself in the birthplace of tango, so just let yourself get carried away by the evenings energetic and seductive energy in the city’s exciting neighborhoods.


San Telmo

It is at the heart of Buenos Aires that you will find the charming San Telmo, which is the oldest neighborhood in the city. Here you can stroll down the cobbled streets and experience the colonial buildings and seductive tango rhythms. You can also spend time antique hunting, with art appreciation and cozy restaurants. On Sundays, an open-air market is held and includes a tango show.


La Boca

Head to the colorful barrio of La Boca in southeastern Buenos Aires, where the houses are painted in a variety of bright colors. This makes the area special and allows it to really stand out. The area is mainly dominated by the working class, bohemian artists, rabid soccer fans and tango artists.



Palermo is the more elegant part of the city and is centrally located in Buenos Aires. Most of the apartments in the area are lavishly decorated and the small neighborhoods of Palermo are benignly welcoming.

When you visit this part of Buenos Aires, you can go to brunch in Palermo Hollywood, look at ceramics in Palermo SoHo, or simply relax and feel the peaceful seclusion in Palermo Chico.



The city’s financial center, informally known as Microcentro, is characterized by skyscrapers of glass and steel and busy business people. Go walking down the modern port promenade, Puerto Madero and enjoy the view from one of the many beautiful cafes and good steakhouses along the waterside.


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