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Salar de Uyuni

Visit the world’s largest salt plain and experience the fantastic view of heaven and earth melting into one! We have compiled a selection of tours which all make their way passed this amazing landscape.

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In the southwestern highlands of Bolivia the largest salt plain of world can be found. 

40,000 years ago there was a huge lake of salt water which dried up over the years. Today the plain switches between being wet and dry, according to the season.


When the plain is dry, as far as the eye can see, the scenery is bedazzlingly white – and the cracking salt base is very breathtaking. But, when the rainy season has come, the area is covered by a thin layer of water, which almost makes the horizon disappear, as the mirroring of the water becomes one with the sky. This is a fantastic and almost unreal view which, dead simply, is just a MUST to experience.


The richest mineral deposits of the salt plain are halite and gypsum, but the salt also contains more than just minerals. The plain also contains a metal called lithium – with, in fact, half of the world’s known reserves of lithium being found on the plain.


Just outside Uyuni one finds “the train cemetery”.

This name has stuck since the mid-1900’s where a mining area, that was used for the excavation of minerals, became extinct.

The surviving train sets are still in the desert landscape, while they’re slowly being decomposed by rust. “The cemetery” is located within walking distance of the city and is well worth a visit.


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