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Nature & Wildlife

Latin America offers some of the world’s most outstanding nature and animal experiences, from lush rainforests, endless salt plains and waterfalls to exotic animal species that you never dreamed of meeting.

Dream of enjoying such experiences on your tour?

Check out all our tours focusing on nature and wildlife below.

If you have any questions, please call our travel consultants on 01279 704 136.

Nature & Wildlife Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife

Latin America offers some of the world’s most outstanding nature and animal experiences, from lush rainforests, endless salt plains and waterfalls to exotic animal species that you never dreamed of meeting.

Dream of enjoying such experiences on your tour?

Check out all our tours focusing on nature and wildlife below.

If you have any questions, please call our travel consultants on 01279 704 136.

Why experience Latin American nature and wildlife?

Latin America offers diverse, adventure-packed and unique nature and wildlife experiences at all our destinations.

From one of the world’s largest waterfalls and the world’s largest salt plain to the world’s largest rainforest and everything in between. And who doesn’t want to enjoy the greatest experiences Latin America has to offer?

Tours focusing on nature and wildlife

If you travel to Latin America, you will experience amazing nature wherever you go. So, even if the tour isn’t mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience magnificent nature. You will!

The tours we’ve included under the “nature and wildlife” category are the tours on which you will enjoy nature and/or wildlife experiences to a greater extent than on our other tours. These might be UNESCO World Heritage Sites or experiences we consider to be very special in this category. Experiences that can really take your breath away.

Discover, for example:

A magnificent waterfall in Argentina and Brazil

Iguazú Falls are situated on the border between the three South American countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At Lamatours, you can experience the force of nature at the mighty waterfall both from the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side.

The waterfall consists of 275 large and small waterfalls spread over almost 2.7 km, which vary between 60 and 82 metres in height. From the Argentinian side, you can see the largest of the waterfalls, Garganta del Diablo, and on the Brazilian side, you have access to a viewing platform affording panoramic views of Iguazu Falls.

Jungle and lost cities in Colombia

In northern Colombia, deep in the Sierra Nevada, you will discover Colombia’s answer to Machu Picchu – the Lost City, Ciudad Perdida.

The route to the pre-Columbian ruin complex promises amazing experiences through tropical areas of natural beauty featuring dense jungle, steep stretches and rivers. The reward is “Lost City”, a ruin city situated in scenic surroundings deep in the jungle.

Wildlife in the world’s largest wetland in Brazil

Situated in southern Brazil is Pantanal, one of the world’s largest freshwater wetlands.

The 200,000 km2 area has a completely unique ecosystem, among other things, because almost 80% of the area is submerged during the wet season. Here, you will discover exciting landscapes and abundant wildlife, including more than 600 different bird species, such as the beautiful blue macaw, capybaras, which are the world’s largest rodents, monkeys, anteaters and many, many more.

Glaciers and lakes in Argentina

Iguazú Falls is not the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Argentina. A relatively large number of the country’s areas of natural beauty are on the list.

Another of them is Los Glaciares National Park, which is located in southern Argentina. The park features numerous glaciers, the most famous of which is the Perito Moreno glacier, which is 4 km wide and 60 metres high, and which creates quite the spectacle when blocks of ice sometimes break off into the lake.

Water from all the glaciers has also helped create three enormous lakes, the largest of which, Lago Argentio, covers an area of almost 1,500 km2.

The endless salt plain in Bolivia

One of South America’s most amazing areas of natural beauty is to be found in Bolivia.

The vast Salar de Uyuni salt plain, located at an altitude of 3,653 metres, is said to contain 10 billion tonnes of salt. Quantities aside, the area is nothing short of outstanding.

When you visit the plain during the dry period, it is the endless white surface that is most overwhelming, and when the plain is covered in a layer of water, the reflection on the surface cannot fail to impress.

The magical Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, which are located around 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador, consist of hundreds of scenic islands, large and small.

The islands, which are best experienced on a cruise or island hopping trip, first attracted outside attention in the 19th century when the young scientist, Darwin, discovered that the finches there did not look like those at home. The islands subsequently became the subject of Darwin’s theory of the origin of species by natural selection.

The UNESCO-protected islands are home to abundant diverse wildlife with many endemic animal species – animals only found here, such as the Galapagos tortoise and the Galapagos sea lion.

Exotic rainforest in the Amazon

The Amazon is synonymous with the ultimate nature experiences.

The world’s largest tropical rainforest, it is spread over nine countries, including Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

On a hike in the jungle or on a boat trip on one of the rainforest’s many rivers, you get right up close to some of the 40,000 or so different plant species found here, as well as the abundant wildlife, which, however, is sometimes well hidden in the dense vegetation. You may, for example, see exotic birds, caimans and monkeys.

Any questions?

Latin America is an experience mecca, no matter what you want to experience. It offers outstanding beaches for fantastic beach holidays, family-friendly destinations and, not least, unique nature and fantastic wildlife.

If you have any questions about our holiday destinations or tours, please feel free to contact our travel consultants. They advise our guests every day on the right tour for them.

We look forward to helping you on the holiday of your lifetime!

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