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Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Nicaragua and explore its beautiful sandy beaches, fascinating history and Latin American culture.

Nicaragua is the perfect choice for those who want to experience Central America’s captivating culture, beautiful natural surroundings and friendly locals.

If you have any questions, please contact our travel consultants on tel. 01279 704 136.

At this present time, we do not recommend travel to Nicaragua due to unrest within the country. We hope that the situation will improve soon and it will be safe to travel there once more. Kindly contact our travel consultants for more information or keep yourself updated here.

Why go on holiday to Nicaragua?

Nicaragua might be the largest country in Central America, but it is still relatively untouched by tourists. For this reason, many people call Nicaragua the “real” Central America, where travellers can discover the country’s many hidden treasures in peace and quiet.

Nicaragua is a unique holiday destination for those who dream of a holiday with space for both relaxation and wonderful experiences. Nicaragua offers stunning landscapes, authentic Latin American culture and a fascinating history.

What will you experience on our tours?

Our tours to Nicaragua are combined with fantastic nature experiences in the neighbouring country of Costa Rica.

When you choose one of our Nicaragua tours, you will discover both the fascinating Latin American culture in Nicaragua and the exotic nature in Costa Rica.

So pack your bags and relax under the swaying palm trees along the exotic beaches. Wander through Granada’s colourful streets and taste the fantastic local rum. Explore the country’s fascinating history and meet the friendly, Spanish-speaking locals at one of the many markets.

The highlights of Nicaragua

Nicaragua has something for every taste. Below you can read about some of the highlights you can experience on our tours.

Granada – explore the colourful colonial city

A trip to Nicaragua is not complete without a visit to the beautiful city of Granada, which is believed to be the oldest city in all of Central America.

The city was founded back in 1524 by the Spanish explorer Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, and quickly became a trading centre for the Spanish colony in Nicaragua.

The charming Spanish colonial atmosphere can still be felt in Granada to this day. The city offers colourful buildings, quaint streets and a thriving cultural scene with outdoor concerts and small art galleries, colonial churches, beautiful squares and unique markets.

You will soon notice that the city has an atmosphere all of its own, reflecting its colonial past.

Isla Ometepe – Nicaragua’s most beautiful island

Isla Ometepe is a volcanic island in the middle of the vast Lake Nicaragua. The island consists of two large volcanoes and is shaped like a figure eight.

The island has a wonderful island atmosphere, with friendly locals, wonderful rain forests, beautiful beaches, cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear lagoons.

The highest of the two volcanoes, La Concepcion, which stands at 1,613 metres, is still active, while the smaller one, Madera at 1,394 metres, has been quiet for more than 1,000 years. This unique volcanic landscape provides the perfect setting for adventure and relaxation in the lush nature.

Lake Nicaragua – Central America’s largest lake

Embark on the boat trip of your lifetime and discover the vast Lake Nicaragua, which is larger than the county of Argyllshire! The lake offers world-class views, where you can spot some of the lake’s 365 small volcanic islands.

Lake Nicaragua also offers wonderful wildlife, with rare freshwater sharks and abundance of birds. So out with the camera and immortalise the unique view from Central America’s largest lake!

Combine Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Our tours to Nicaragua are combined with incredible experiences on a tour to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and offers some spectacular natural wonders, including:

  • Costa Rica’s most famous volcano, Arenal, where you can relax in the surrounding hot springs or go for a walk in the beautiful Arenal Volcano National Park.
  • The amazing Tortuguero National Park, where you will discover the wildlife, beaches, waterfalls and rivers. The park is also known for being one of the most important places in the world for sea turtles to lay their eggs in the sand.
  • Relaxing on one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, the exotic sandy beach Playa Samara, which is surrounded by palm trees and verdant vegetation.

If you have any questions about Nicaragua

We’ve put together all the practical information you need about travelling to Nicaragua on our “Practical information about Nicaragua” page.

Our travel consultants are also here to help you with any questions you may have about Nicaragua, how to book or about our other tours to Central America and South America.

We look forward to helping you on a holiday of a lifetime.

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