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When is the best time to visit Mexico?

04 November, 2018
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A tour in Mexico offers fascinating Maya ruins, enchanting sandy beaches and heavenly nature.

But when is the best time to visit Mexico?

Read more in our guide below and get insights on Mexico’s climate, dry season, rainy season and hurricane season.

NB: The guide below is a guideline only.

Mexico’s climate

Basilica of Guadalupe

In Mexico, many fantastic experiences await you all year round.

But depending on where in the country you are travelling and what you would like to experience, it may be a good idea to consider what time of the year would be best for you to visit Mexico.

Mexico is a big country with huge altitude differences. This means that there are differences in weather between the coasts of Mexico and the lowlands, and Mexico City and the highlands.

  • Mexico’s coasts and lowlands have a comfortable tropical climate with daytime temperatures between 24 and 33 degrees. You will experience warm evenings and nights all year in this part of the country.
  • Mexico City and the highlands feature a sub-tropical climate with daytime temperatures ranging from 21 to 27 degrees. In the evening and night time, it can get a bit cooler in these regions, particularly in the winter months.

Mexico’s dry season


Mexico’s dry season lasts from November to April.

In the dry season, you can expect a sunny climate and very little precipitation. The months are characterised by comfortable temperatures and a dry, warm climate that isn’t too hot.

While the average daytime temperature in Mexico’s lower coastal stretches is between 28 and 30 degrees in the dry season, it is somewhat colder in the highlands and Mexico City, where the daytime temperatures range from 21 to 27 degrees on average.

The comfortable dry season is a popular time to go to Mexico. For that reason, it may be a good idea to book your tour earlier than usual, to avoid price hikes or completely sold-out tours.

Visit Mexico in November-April if you would like to experience a dry and sunny climate with comfortable daytime temperatures. Many feel that the dry season in Mexico is the best time to visit, meaning that the period is popular and sees many visitors.

Mexico’s rainy season


Mexico’s rainy season lasts from May to October.

Rainfall reaches its highest levels in the period from June to September. Rain typically falls for a few hours in the afternoon and helps clear up the air.

The amount of rain also depends on which part of the country you’re in. Here, the tropical coasts generally get more rain than the highlands.

The rainy season is also the hottest time of the year in Mexico. Daytime temperatures sit at an average of 30 to 33 degrees, while temperatures in Mexico City and the highlands range from 23 to 27 degrees.

Mexico’s rainy season is also considered the country’s off-peak season, and you can expect fewer visitors than in the rest of the year. This makes the rainy season a good time to visit if you would like a more authentic tour experience.

Mexico’s hurricane season

Mexico’s official hurricane season lasts from June to November and therefore covers much of the rainy season.

The biggest risk of hurricanes is between August and September. Even if you decide to travel in this period, there is only a minor risk of the hurricane season having an impact on your holiday.

Therefore, you can safely visit Mexico during the hurricane season, even if there occasionally are tropical storms on the country’s Caribbean coast.

Visit Mexico in May-October if you would like to experience hot temperatures, albeit with a risk of rain. One of the advantages of travelling in this period is that there are fewer visitors in Mexico at this time of the year, and so you can expect a calmer atmosphere than in the peak season.

Fancy a trip to Mexico?

No matter what time of the year you visit Mexico, you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime.

Join us for an exciting tour and experience golden sandy beaches that exude relaxation in exotic surroundings. Explore Mexico City, a city of millions, and taste world-renowned Mexican cuisine at one of the city’s many markets, or note the country’s early history in one of its fascinating ruin complexes.

Check out our tours to Mexico:

If you would like to know more about Mexico, you can find inspiration in our selected tours, or contact one of our tour consultants, who are sitting at the ready to give you a hand.

Please note that the above guide is a guideline only and recommendations may change on an ongoing basis.

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